Cervical Tumor

Cervical tumor, abnormal growth on the cervix is a tumor most of the time because of cervical cancer. It ranks second behind breast cancer as the leading cancer for women. The results of the abnormal growth of cell usually related to the human papilloma virus which is a virus spread through sexual intercourse. Pap test is the gynecological procedure laboratory test that examines cervical cell to detect cervical tumor.

Stages of the cervical cancer is based on its characteristics. Determination of stages are according whether the tumors are still in the cervix area or has spread to the other area.


Routine cervical Pap tests screening is still the most effective way of detecting cervical tumor. Due to the tumor usually does not have much symptoms in the early phase, women who do not routinely go for the Pap test will acknowledge the tumors later. Early detection will save a women by detecting the cancer earlier while still curable. Many women are afraid of negative results from the Pap test but doctor generally will need the patients to come back for a second screening because  there are other reasons that causes the abnormal results.


Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

Herbal medicine can be taken as part of a medically directed overall treatment for cervical cancer. Herbal medicine can make cervical cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation treatment more bearable and effective.

Herbs plants are found in all countries around the world. To date there are many herbs plants identified. Tumor of any kind stand a chance to be dissolve using many different kind of herbs. A combination of herbs are required depending on the type of body condition and type of cervical tumor.

KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment center offers one of the best herbal treatment according to traditional Chinese medicine. It even cultivate its own herbs in Malaysia. This centers house a famous Chinese masters that receive good testimonies from around the world. Chinese master is an experienced Chinese physicist fourth generation Chinese medicine treatment ancestral formula. He assesses patient’s ‘qi’ which is an important element in traditional Chinese medicine that identify the causes of the illness accurately. Plus his wide knowledge about herbs, Chinese master can prescribe a combination of herbs that will aid the disease accurately.

Chinese master is also very good with acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment are widely use as pain management in oncology department around the world.


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